Republic of Rwanda Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation


Rwanda’s diplomacy aims at promoting Rwanda’s image abroad – promoting Rwanda as a country;

  • That is peaceful, secure and stable;
  • That fights corruption and promotes integrity;
  • That respects human rights;
  • With law and order;
  • With a transparent, administration and Judicial process;
  • With a stable and predictable Macro economic policies;
  • That respects and honours its international commitments and obligations;
  • That contributes to peace and security in her region;
  • That is welcoming and is a tourist destination; and attracts national and international investments.    

Cooperation activities are carried out by various Public and Private Institutions of the government and the civil society but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to ensure their coordination.
The relationships between Rwanda and other countries are guided by the following principles:

  • Promotion and protection of the national independence and sovereignty ;
  • Mutual respect between states;
  • Sovereign equality and complementarity of states ;
  • Promotion and protection of mutual national interests ;
  • Search for solutions to national problems especially developmental problems ;
  • Cooperation with other countries in the development and respect of international law.

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