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Rwanda, Mozambique sign five Memorandum of Understanding

Kigali, 10 February 2017 – Rwanda and Mozambique have signed five Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) on cooperation in the fields of agriculture and food security; nature resources; culture; tourism and public service administration. The MOUs were signed by Mozambican Minister of Agriculture and Food security, Hon. Jose Condugua Antonio Pacheco, on behalf of the government of the Republic of Mozambique.

On the Rwandan side: Vincent Biruta, Minister of Natural Resources; Julienne Uwacu, Minister of Sports and Culture; Judith Uwizeye, Minister of Public Service and Labour and the CEO of  Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Claire Akamanzi, signed on behalf of the government of the Republic of Rwanda.

The MoU on cooperation in the area of mineral resources and energy stipulates that both parties agree to promote and to enhance the cooperation on mineral resources, energy development, electricity, associated energy infrastructure between the two countries.In the area of tourism, the two countries vowed to promote the exchange of experience in the implementation of measures to encourage the growth of the flow of tourists to urban areas and ecosystem conservation parks.

They also agreed to promote the exchange and exchange of experience regarding the improvement of the provision of tourism services and products, including the security conditions for tourists.Regarding the field of public administration, the two sides agreed that the Cooperation shall be developed in the following areas: public service management and development; public service modernisation; public service delivery; public service good governance. These areas of cooperation shall be achieved through technical assistance; training; study visit; sharing experience and best practices; information sharing and expert sharing.

Concerning the MoU in the area of culture, the two parties pledged to promote the exchange of information and experience in the area of cultural institutions; cultural diplomacy as a platform to attract investment and boost the economies of the two countries through the cultural and creative industries; socio-cultural field, including their participation, on a reciprocal basis, in scientific events held in each of the countries. ; They also agreed to promote reciprocal mobility of artists from both countries to participate in cultural festivals, fairs and exhibitions, seminars and workshops organized in the both countries.

Speaking after the signing of the MOUs, Minister Pacheco, expressed appreciation of the invitation to come and visit Kigali and thanked the government of Rwanda for the MoUs signed. He expressed Mozambique commitment to fulfil what signed.

Referring to President Kagame's recent visit to Mozambique, Minister Pacheco said that the culmination of the signing of these MOUs is the result of the desire expressed by the two Heads of State to improve the cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Jose Pacheco said: “In October 2016, President Paul Kagame paid a historic state visit to Mozambique inaugurating new era of cooperation between the two countries. As a result of the visit, the two head of states agreed to put in place concrete mechanism to operationalise the intended cooperation in areas of common interest. Their understanding and vision is deeply rooted in the upmost desire to strengthen the collaboration among African countries in view of finding local solution for African challenges. Therefore our presence here today is the fulfilment of our head of states desire and the first step towards more integrated and strong cooperation.’’

Earlier on, Minister Pacheco and his Rwandan counterpart, Minister Gerardine Mukeshimana signed MoU on cooperation in the agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors. Visiting Mozambique delegation led by Minister Jose Pacheo, has been on an official visit to Rwanda since 09 February 2017. During this time, they had meetings with various Rwandan officials.


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