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Ambassador Rugwabiza Presents Credentials Letter to the UN Secretary General

New York, 11 November 2016 – The Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations, Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza, presented her credentials letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki moon accrediting her to the United Nations (UN) and all its organs.

During the presentation of the credentials letter, Secretary General Ban Ki moon welcomed the new Permanent Representative of Rwanda while expressing his deepest respect and admiration to President Paul Kagame, for whom many people have respect for his strong commitment for peace and security.

Ambassador Rugwabiza thanked Secretary General Ban Ki moon for his work and acknowledged the uniqueness of President Paul Kagame’s leadership, which has been at the centre of Rwanda’s success. She conveyed also President Kagame’s appreciation for his excellent service to the global community.

Secretary General, Ban Ki moon referred to the recent trip in Rwanda of the Deputy Secretary General, Jan Eliasson, and reported how deeply impressed he was with Rwanda’s development success. “During 10 years, I have been working as an unpaid, unsolicited public relation officer for Rwanda” he emphasized with excitement.  

He recalled his first visit in Rwanda in 2006 - while Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Korea - and said he was already impressed at that time by such cleanliness, neat and beauty of Rwanda, including the beauty of the nature.  He said he has been travelling in many countries, but there is huge difference between Rwanda and other African countries. He evoked how he challenged his staffs by telling them to bring to him any dust they would find on the street of Kigali.  Rwanda has been successful in many areas, such as internet connectivity, making it the most connected country in Africa.

Nowhere have I seen people so committed, so disciplined, and so hard working like the people of Rwanda”, he added. ‘’You should be proud of your country”, he exclaimed.

Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza told the Secretary General that he has been part of Rwanda’ success. President Kagame’s engagement and contribution on peace and security, but also on MDG and SDG has been very critical. The significant and increased engagement of Rwanda with the United Nations was based on the trust that Rwanda has for him. “Our history did not give us many reasons to trust the United Nations, but we trusted you”, she said. “That is why you should be proud of your success”, she concluded.


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