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The belligerent attitude of France is no longer acceptable to Rwanda – Minister Mushikiwabo

Kigali, 10 November 2016 – Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Louise Mushikiwabo, has said that despite Rwanda trying to figure out ways to mend its broken ties with France, the latter has always acted against normal relations between the two countries.

Minister Mushikiwabo was briefing members of the press from local, regional and international media outlets on a wide range of issues from Rwanda’s bilateral ties with African countries, to France-Rwanda relations, to Presidential elections in the United States.

Minister Mushikiwabo highlighted that France had a level of support to the government and militia that perpetrated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.  The Minister also pointed out France’s negative attitude and various damaging activities towards Rwanda through the controversial judicial process. She reaffirmed the country’s stance to never subject to judicial bullying.

For every effort that Rwanda has made, France has taken a step back. Rwanda as a country has reached a point where we have to say that the belligerent attitude of France is no longer acceptable. We will use means at our disposal to conduct our own judicial process,” Minister Mushikiwabo said.

Minister Mushikiwabo who is also the Government Spokeswoman revealed that the recently released list of 22 French Military officials, who are accused of playing an active role in the Genocide, is just the beginning. Another list of French politicians is in the pipeline.

Minister Mushikiwabo added that Rwanda will soon initiate its judicial process against those in France that have cases to answer. She explained that the process will unfold in steps, kicked off by a thorough investigation.

The Genocide was not cause by a plane crash; that’s a fact.  France had political, military and intelligence advisors both to the government and the militia who were involved in the Genocide; that are also a fact. Kayumba’s testimony ‘’will bring nothing new,” Minister Mushikiwabo told the press.

The Foreign Affairs Minister also spoke about other issues including Rwanda expanding its horizons across Africa, African Union reforms, Presidential elections in the US, relations with Burundi, among others.

Minister Mushikiwabo said that the on-going African Union reforms will touch both organisational and political levels. She added that the Heads of State commissioned the reforms; they will be the first to be informed about its progress. The reforms are undertaken under President Kagame’s leadership.

On President Kagame’s recent trips to various African countries, Minister Mushikiwabo explained that it was in a bid to open new chapters in the country’s bilateral partnerships. Rwanda has been reaping the benefits of expanding its horizons through enhanced trade exchanges, investment and new technologies. She revealed that Rwanda is planning to open a General Consulate in Mozambique to handle economic, business, and agricultural issues.

On Presidential elections in the US, Minister Mushikiwabo revealed that President Kagame has congratulated President-elect Donald Trump as Rwanda looks forward to continued good relations with the US and its new administration. She emphasised that US Presidential elections epitomised the fact that leaders should always listen to the will of the people whether in Africa or across the globe.

On Burundi, Minister Mushikiwabo observed that it is unfortunate that the traffic of goods and people has suffered from the Government of Burundi’s decision to halt cross-border trade with Rwanda.


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