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Handover Ceremony between the Outgoing and Incoming Permanent Secretaries

Kigali, 21 September 2016 – A handover ceremony between the outgoing Permanent Secretary (P.S), Amb. Jeanine Kambanda, and the newly appointed Permanent Secretary, Mr. Claude Nikobisanzwe, took place at the Ministry headquarters. The ceremony was preceded by a brief presentation by the heads of departments in the core business.

The outgoing P.S, Amb. Jeanine Kambanda expressed her gratitude for the Ministry’s leadership to tackle different challenges and to achieve Ministry’s goals. She thanked them for the cooperation that enabled her to accomplish her responsibilities.  

Amb. Kambanda outlined the achievements of the Ministry and provided all ongoing activities. She said that a lot has been done in strengthening existing good relationship between Rwanda and her stakeholders on bilateral and multilateral levels. She urged them to keep on that move while building new relations.  

The New PS, Mr. Claude Nikobisanzwe, expressed his gratitude toward the way he has been received in the Ministry. He thanked Amb. Kambanda for the job done and for her continuous support when needed. He pledged to give his best to meet and fulfil his obligations.  

P.S. Nikobisanzwe called upon the senior managers and the staff to always share information for the improvement of their daily work. He also called for a spirit of teamwork to meet responsibilities and obligations bestowed upon them.  

Claude Nikobisanzwe was appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation by the cabinet on 13th September, 2016. He is a trained lawyer. Mr. Claude Nikobisanzwe now replaces Amb. Jeanine Kambanda who have been appointed Clerk in the Parliament/Chamber of Deputies.


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